Semester 2: Visuals and Inspiration

This page documents my journey to the visual style of my game along with the images and styles that inspired me to create it.

First up I started looking into the Retrowave or Synthwave art style which is known for its bright neon pink, blue and yellow colours. A prominent feature within the style is a grid covered ground leading off towards a sunset or city in the background, I wanted to include this in my imagery but would have to work out a way to implement that in a space scene. Below is an example of the Retrowave style I’ve been looking into.

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In order to capture this style I made sure to use similar colours to above and made a circular grid pointing towards the centre. I also used the typical setting sun image and instead of mountains or buildings off in the distance I created a skull with a blue grid on it. This image has since evolved to suit my various needs of posters or banners and is the main image of my game.


I went through a few stages to create the text which included painting Ink onto paper and scanning them in and lots of colour combinations too. They can be found below:

Typefaces and Titles

These images have influence the final look for my UI as well as is obvious when looking at them.

UI for Elateth

The assets, obstacles and backgrounds all shared the similar look of shades of blue, pink and purple with light blue outlines. Blue grids were also in abundance on objects such as asteroids.

Assets and Backgrounds