Create Phase 1: Elateth

Elateth This design was simple, a co-op game using two player controlled space ships to navigate an environment whilst tethered together, however this idea had been done before in the form of spaceBOUND. I still really liked the idea of two ships tethered together so I decided to think about how it would work if […]

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Create Phase 1: Clufu

Clufu A game where you are put in control of a space ship navigating a collapsing mega-structure then you are able explore the galaxy and creating a structure of your own. The main mechanic of this game is the ability to grapple onto smaller space craft and attach it to your ship in order to […]

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Create Phase 1: Manpop

Idea 1 – Manpop The aim of this game is to manipulate a population and manage your time and resources in order to survive for as long as possible. The game is set on a mega-structure of your choosing (out of 3 possible) and requires strategy in order to protect the population from disasters ranging […]

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Research Phase 2: Retro-Futurism

Retro-Futurism is the combination of the technology and style from past eras and the technology of the future, the key subjects I’ve been looking at are: Cyberpunk Dieselpunk Steampunk Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is the combination of low life and high technology and is a very popular way of depicting our future these days. Cyberpunk focuses on […]

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Research Phase 1: Cosmicism

Cosmicism is the Literary Philosophy created by H.P. Lovecraft that states there is no recognisable presence in the universe such as God, and that humanity is insignificant and is nothing compared to the vastness of the Universe. This was written with Cosmic Entities such as Cthulhu in mind and goes along with the idea that […]

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