Create Phase 1: 3 Ideas

3 Ideas

During this phase I need to plan, prototype and create 3 game ideas for presentation at the end of the 3 weeks, I will also be doing a little bit of research as I’ll always need to research new ideas or theories to help me make my work accurate. The names of each idea are just a code name to distinguish one from another. In order to find these three ideas I will be creating several ideas to narrow down.


Idea 1: Manpop

This idea is all about managing a population, resources and time aboard a Mega-structure.

Create Phase 1: Manpop

Idea 2: Clufu

This idea is about growing a small ship into a mega-structure through attaching smaller ships to itself and artificial gravity.

Create Phase 1: Clufu

Idea 3: Elateth

This idea is about two ships tethered together that have to fight to death in an arena style game.

Create Phase 1: Elateth

Ideas 4 & 5: Others

These ideas had far less thought put into them and are incredibly unlikely to make it through the the next phase.

Create Phase 1: Others