Critical Evaluation

This final year I took myself completely out of my comfort zone by working alone. While I usually work well as part of a group on subjects like narrative or level and mechanics design, I was forced to code and build the game as well as do all the art for my game. This has helped me build my skills and find new approaches to making games, as well as learn how to use a brand new engine known as Godot.

When I started, I had no skills in game building and my knowledge of scripts was completely useless, but now I’m finally starting to get to grips with Godot and GDScript, this will act as a gateway to learning about other engines and scripts.

I’ve also ascended a little in my skills of art. After having to do all the art of my game myself, I’ve learnt new methods of asset creation and animation. Most of my assets are made on Adobe Illustrator so I still need to experiment and learn new methods and programmes to use. I am very happy with how the style of my game turned out and think that it suits the music well too, my research paid off.

While I did learn how to use Godot, It took me a while to get it worked out and I think I started a little late. If I had started earlier I would have been able to implement more features and mechanics to make my game better, I’ll still be changing my game and making it better before the arcade though.

With the skills I’ve learnt over the last 3 years I will continue on making games in my spare time and hopefully end up earning some money for it too. I’m planning on getting the attention of a smaller company with this game and maybe one day work my way up the ranks.


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