Typefaces and Titles

My research into Retrowave turned up some interesting title images that I wanted to replicate in my own style. They generally have bright colours and thick text followed more text that looks hand painted. I found a website that essentially Retrowavifies text of your choosing, you can choose the background and text style too. I had a play with it to get an idea of how my titles may look.

I started of by painting black ink onto white paper to get a hand painted look to put on my poster.

After that I took the images of my favourite letters into Adobe Illustrator and used the Image Tracing tool to turn them into vector based images. With these, I experimented with different colours, sizes and places next to other text to see how it would look best.

I also used a simple bold italic font to make up the main part of the title called Myriad Variable Concept Black Italic, which I tried with various colour combos and gradients.

All these combinations eventually led to the text currently on my title image with I think fits rather nicely with the aesthetic I’m going for.



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