Advertising and Merchandise

In order to advertise my game, I’ve been putting myself out there on social medias such as Instagram and twitter.

I’m slowly gaining followers on Instagram and I’ve been researching into when the best times to post are (11am – 1pm, 7pm – 9pm). Having subjects such as Godot Engine, Space and Synthwave allow me to advertise to a large range of people.

You can follow me on Instagram @elatethretro

In order to attract people to my game when we hold our arcades I’ve made and had printed a 600mm x 2000mm banner that incorporates the background art for two of my levels and I think it looks pretty snazzy.


In an attempt to make money……..I mean in an attempt to get more attention onto my game and make some cool products for adoring fans, I’ve been making merchandise to sell in the shop during our Arcade. The first think I got was Postcards, some really cool looking images of my title on A6 card printed by Vistaprint. Also from them I got mouse pads which I will be selling for £6 a piece, judging from the reaction of some of my fellow students these may prove quite popular and I may have to order some more at some point. Along with these I will be packing up packs of stickers to sell for £2 or £3 each.

Elateth Mousemat

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