Create Phase 2: Gameplay


This post will include my workings out on how I will make my game an enjoyable experience.


My game entails 2 players flying space ships around a 2D environment and battling it out to the death, their only tools are the tether between their two ships and the various hazards all around them.

Why this could be fun in itself, it’s also possible for this to drag on. I need to find a way to keep both space ships constantly moving for fear of destruction, an alternative would be both ships trying to go in opposite directions and being pinned in place because of that.

A couple of ways to fix this would be:

  • A time limit
  • Increasingly hazardous environments
  • Periodical destruction of everything in a particular zone of the arena?

A time limit can be used in a few different ways, some games will end the match after a countdown finished which can sometimes end in a draw. I want one person to be clearly victorious after every match so I may include a feature where after a time limit finishes the arena gets a lot more dangerous, for example explosives might start going off.

Speedrunners is a game where you have to race around an arena like map against 3 other contestants,you will have to dodge obstacles and equipment deployed by other runners, if you fall too far back from the leader, you will go off the screen and die. This game has a feature where after the first contestant falls off the screen the screen will start to shrink. This makes it more difficult to stay alive as not only is the distance between the leader and the edge of the screen smaller, but also because you can’t see what’s ahead of you as it’s also off screen.

The first image below is a normal screen within the game and the second image shows the screen getting smaller.


This sort of feature adds a sense of urgency or peril, essentially keeping you hanging on by your finger tips.

I could incorporate a mechanic where the traps and obstacles start to get closer together after a countdown, it would make the whole arena a lot more dangerous as there will be less space to play in.

A way to make sure the players use the entire environment would be some kind of destructive event that forces players to keep on moving, like a spinning blade being thrust into an area or a flame spout, just so every single space on the board has a hazard that will destroy you.

The best example I can think of right now is the second Hunger Games film. The Hunger Games is a massive battle royal in a large natural arena where a bunch of kids has to kill each other until there’s only one standing. The second film features a massive clock like arena with 12 zones, on every hour one of these zones will activate a lethal event like a poisonous fog or lightning strikes. The point of these is to keep the contestants moving so they can’t stay in one place too long, otherwise the people watching on TV would get bored.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Asset Designs

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