Create Phase 2: Feedback Research

Feedback Research

Here I’ll be looking into and researching the games and programmes I was referred to as part of my feedback.

Pixel Junk: Shooter

A 2D game where you pilot a ship through a series of cave like environments using environment manipulating abilities in order to save a bunch of scientists. The ship is able to manipulate water, magma and a strange magnetic substance to break down walls, destroy enemies and even neutralise the hazardous liquids you can command. The game is local Co-op enabled and will result in hours of fun, I assume.

Personally I think the style is rather pretty and and quite simple, using only 2 colours for each material, creating a kind of cartoon like vector style.


Interesting features and mechanics within the game include side scrolling flying movement with freedom to move anywhere on the screen. Guns of some kind of the ship to shoot enemies to kill them and environments to destroy them. A sort of grapple to grab onto materials or walls and pull them out of place, and the ability to shoot magma and water.




spaceBOUND follows the adventure of two astronauts stranded on an asteroid after their spaceship crashed and is destroyed, they must explore the ruins of an old mining facility and be mindful of each other as they are tethered together by an oxygen supply tube, if one of them dies or the tube breaks they both die.


It’s a pretty little 16 bit game where the aim is to solve puzzles and avoid dangerous equipment and weapons in order to survive. This is a fun local co-op game that can also be played single player. The game also gives you the options to customise the appearance of the astronauts.




Chariot is a co-op platformer that focuses on a princess or her fiance as they use ropes to push, swing and drag a coffin on wheels containing the kings remains across 25 levels in order to find a final resting place. While the king’s ghost berates you, you will use physics based mechanics in order to solve puzzles and explore vibrant underground locations.

The game can be played with a friend in local co-op or alone and is best played with a controller.

It has cute little cartoon like animations with pretty hand drawn environments, the people are however rather short and squat.




Starbound is a beautiful pixel style game about building in and exploring planets and space in a story that gives you the option to save the universe from destructive forces or simply colonise planets and build a home to settle down in and farm.




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