Create Phase 1: Others


These are the games that I’ve put less less thought into and probably won’t make it into the next stage of making.


Shimod is a game about using different attachments to your ship to solves puzzles in a variety of different ways. You have three slots to your ship at any time, these are Propulsion, Ranged and Melee, you must have one from each class and each class has three different options. Each option helps you solve a puzzle differently, for example if one needs to break through a wall then using the Melee slot they can either use a Ram to charge the ship through, a Grapple to grab the wall and pull it or a Flail to bash the wall into bits. I was thinking of introducing some kind of power regulation system where you’d have to power down a part in order to use another.


This one is a tile based game where you build up a ship using a number of small tiles dedicated to a task each, you’ll then navigate and explore the galaxy whilst building and managing resources and power within the ship.

The game will be in a 2D plane with a top down view of the ship and be very colourful, like the style of a game called Rymdkapsel (As seen below).


Facilities that you can build so far are as follows:

  • Living space
  • Reactor
  • Shield Generator
  • Thrusters
  • Gyroscope
  • Weapons

Other parts you can build will include the base ship and armour tiles, i’m also thinking of tiles like recreation or retail to create the illusion of an economy.

You will need to manage power levels and resources through the ship and if there’s a tile that you can’t afford to keep then you can always eject it into space. Basic rules like having a Thruster or Guns on the outside of a ship also apply as you don’t want to tear apart your own ship.



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