Create Phase 1: Elateth


This design was simple, a co-op game using two player controlled space ships to navigate an environment whilst tethered together, however this idea had been done before in the form of spaceBOUND. I still really liked the idea of two ships tethered together so I decided to think about how it would work if they were fighting against each other.

Thus Elateth is born (so dramatic), the aim of the game is to destroy the other ship using the environment with only the tether between them to use as a weapon, you can then end up dragging, swinging or catapulting the enemy into various objects and traps. The ships will only have a forward thrust to you’ll have to turn the whole ship if you wish to go a different direction with Momentum playing a big part.

Elateth 1 (2)

It’s essentially an arena game but i’m thinking that I may be able to put in different modes, Race, Maze and Arena. Race will consist of a large looped course through which you must get through as fast as possible or risk destruction from an unknown source following you, you’ll have to avoid traps, objects and the other ship you’re tethered to. Maze with consist of a Maze in which you must escape from within a certain amount of time of risk death, you’ll still be tethered to the other ship so you’ll have to contend with them trying to go a different direction to you and you must work together to escape. Arena is a straight out death match between the two ships, boosts or power ups will be available periodically on the field and will give you an edge like a speed boost, mass increase, or even turning the tether into a rigid rod that means you’re movement will be hindered.



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