Create Phase 1: Clufu


A game where you are put in control of a space ship navigating a collapsing mega-structure then you are able explore the galaxy and creating a structure of your own. The main mechanic of this game is the ability to grapple onto smaller space craft and attach it to your ship in order to build up armour and mass.

All the ships added onto yours acts as armour but it can also be used as a weapon, by spinning the ship really fast you can then press a button to detach one of the small ships and shoot it like a bullet at an enemy, this means that your life force is also your ammo cache.

For every ship joined to the cluster, the mass increases and so does the gravity. Thanks to a piece of tech called a Mass Exaggerator, the mass of the whole ship is “exaggerated” and tricks the Universe into giving it more gravity. The gravity of the ship works like normal gravity and the big it gets the more pull it will have on smaller objects which can also be used to build up your mass with rocks and ships.

Upon reaching the third stage of play you would then be able to manage the Mega-structure you have created, you can manage which resources go where and if there isn’t enough to sustain a certain part of the ship you can just eject that part into space. Other features include sending ships down to planets to mine for resources.



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