Create Phase 1: Manpop

Idea 1 – Manpop

The aim of this game is to manipulate a population and manage your time and resources in order to survive for as long as possible. The game is set on a mega-structure of your choosing (out of 3 possible) and requires strategy in order to protect the population from disasters ranging from Alien Attacks and Meteor hits to simply Low Resources or Malfunctions.


Genre & Audience

This game is a local turn based strategy game in a Sci-fi setting that emphasises on team work and betrayal. It is generally aimed at those that enjoy the pressure of impending doom that can only be put off for a little while, Sci-fi is also a strong theme as it includes theoretical mega-structures that might some day exist. The media of this game hasn’t been decided as of yet because it is very possible to play this game as both a computer game and a board game.


The game is played by responding to threats by using the resources at your disposal, the game ends when a player loses all of their health or when a specific number of turns has been taken.

Firstly you must pick a Mega-structure to manage, this will effect which bonus you receive, for example picking a Topopolis will grant you extra troops to start with or picking a Ringworld would grant you extra resources to start with.

You are given 20 troops to use at the start. Troops are used to defend against Disasters and gather resources, once assigned to a task they can not be used until their task is completed.

You are also given 20 resources to start with though you can gather more as the game goes on. Resources are used to defend against Disasters and repair the structure after it has been damaged.

To start with your health is at 10 points but will change according to your actions, when damaged by disasters this number will go down but can be recovered by spending resources. The game ends when your health reaches 0.

You may only use two actions per turn, actions available are as follows:

  • Defend
  • Mine
  • Repair
  • Share resources

Disasters are randomly picked every 3 or 4 turns and can present various issues, they take a certain number of turns which also happens to be the damage dealt by the disaster if left undefended against. Each disaster can be sorted into one of three categories, Attacks, Environmental and Internal. Attacks generally take more resources to defend against as they deal so much more damage, but they also give you more time to prepare your defences. Environmental mostly has mid to high damage and prep time but aren’t as devastating as attacks. Internal is the lower end of the spectrum with damages and prep times of 1 or 2 points. Disasters I’ve already thought of are as follows:

  • Alien Attack – 5 points
  • Meteor Strike – 4 points
  • AI Rebellion – 4 points
  • Enemy Saboteur – 2 points
  • Pirate Attacks – 3 points
  • Super Nova – 5 points
  • Low Resources – 1 point
  • Space Ship Crash – 1 point
  • Gravity Malfunction – 1 point
  • Plague – 3 points
  • Solar Flare – 2 points


When sending off troops to mine for resources keep in mind that mining takes 4 turns to return to you. You can send troops in multiples of 5, for every 5 troops sent you get 10 resources which is simplified as 2 resources for every troop sent.

When defending against a disaster you can spend troops or resources to take points off the damage you receive, take the amount of points you want to spend for defence and double it, then divide it by 10, for example if you were to spend 10 points before an attack you would take 2 damage off the total for that attack.

To repair damage dealt by a disaster, you can spend 10 resources for every 1 point of health you wish to recover, for example, spending 30 points would recover 3 health points.

In order to play with other players you can interact with each other by stealing resources from one another but you will have to deploy more troops than the other player did, you can also help one another by sharing resources with each other, this will prolong the game and maybe help you both win together. I’m also thinking about how I might incorporate a feature so you may launch a disaster or attack on the other player. The point behind being able to both help and hinder is the idea that you have free will to do whatever you want and in real life it’s entirely possible for someone to betray you out of nowhere.




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