Research Phase 2: Useful Questions

Amongst my feedback was a few rather useful questions that I’ve looked into and will show below.

How would you build a structure in zero gravity?

I came up with a few different answers to this question which I’ll show below but the best of which I can think of was building every single piece separately on a planet and then assembling it in space. The amount of pieces would be astonishing so maybe in the future once we’ve colonised different planets, we would be able to turn a whole planet into an industrial factory dedicated to putting together this Mega-structure. The amount of materials needed would also be immense so they would have to harvest maybe an entire solar system, depending on the actual habitat. Once enough pieces were available, then they would start to put it together, this could either be done by welding/fusing the parts together or designing some kind of airtight mechanised system that would pull the pieces together and lock in place, the latter would also allow a sort of modular separation in case of emergencies.

My other ideas are that for a rather small structure, they would be able to build the whole thing on Earth and fly it all into space in one piece or for a larger one it may be possible to build it mostly in space, however this would be extremely difficult.

What could go wrong on a Mega-structure? 

This question is key as my first ideas are a game about maintaining or defending a Mega-structure in space, I’ve put it in a list format as that works the best.


  • Comet/Asteroid
  • Solar Flares
  • Super Nova
  • Too close to sun
  • Colliding with a planet



  • Loss of or low levels of Oxygen
  • Water Systems malfunctioning
  • Gravity loss
  • Overheating power cores
  • Smaller space craft crashing



  • Rebellion
  • Crime
  • Riots
  • Spies/Saboteurs
  • Unsustainable Resources
  •  Traffic
  • Low Resources
  • Over/Underpopulation
  • Trade Issues
  • Waste Problems
  • Out of control Fires



  • Deterioration
  • Alien Attack
  • Pirates
  • AI Uprising



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