Research Phase 1: Genetic Alteration

The type of Alteration I’ve been looking at was more to do with how to do with how super heroes and powerful games characters were created..


Within the Marvel universe there are many different ways that people are given special powers but there are two that I’ve been looking at that are radiation and science experiments.

Radiation is seen as some powerful force that has the ability to mutate people into becoming super human or even growing an extra limb, however in the Marvel Universe radiation created 5 well known super heroes.

The Incredible Hulk was a scientist by the name of Bruce Banner who was bathed in gamma radiation when an experiment went wrong, the result was he turned into a large  green monster with super strength and a super human healing factor. It also turns out that he only turns into the Hulk when Bruce Banner is very angry, the combination of which creates a very big, dangerous and angry monster.

The Fantastic Four is a group of scientists and friends that took a trip on a prototype spaceship that was supposed to be able to attempt interstellar travel, unfortunately before they made any progress, the ship hit a supernova and crashed down to Earth. The four survived the crash but the radiation from the supernova had unforeseen effects and mutated their DNA. Reed Richards was able to stretch his body to impossible lengths and called himself Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm was able to turn invisible and create force fields that could repel most things, she named herself the Invisible Woman. Johnny Storm was able to light his body completely on fire and could manipulate the fire he emitted, he called himself the Human Torch and finally Ben Grim was turned into a large stone skinned monster with inhuman strength and durability.

Another way is certain scientists trying to create the ultimate weapon, a super soldier capable of turning the tide of any battle to their favour.

Captain America, one of the most well known heroes in Marvel was originally a soldier named Steve Rogers who showed a remarkably strong will and intelligence, because of this he was accepted into a Super Soldier program that made him much stronger, faster and more durable, a proper super soldier, Human 2.0.

Deadpool was an exemplary mercenary named Wade Wilson, after getting Cancer he searched the world for a cure and found it in Weapon X. The secret company of scientists were all about making the ultimate weapon, hence their name, and succeeded by giving Wade a healing factor that cancelled out his cancer but also made him disfigured. He went on to become an un-killable and extremely dangerous anti-hero and gaining the nickname “The Merc With A Mouth”.

Bioshock Trilogy

Bioshock is a game set in retro-futuristic cities often occupied by dangerous and horribly violent people and creatures, because of this a feature of the game gives you new and horrible ways to kill and maim enemies.

Plasmids and Vigors are liquids that change your DNA when ingested, they provide you with the ability to carry out magical feats of power and murder. The are made from a substance harvested from a unique species of Sea Slug living at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the substance known as ADAM is a type of potent stem cell that rewrites your genetics to however is specified. For example the Plasmid known as Incinerate and the Vigor called Devils Kiss both allow the wielder the power over fire, with this one may throw fire balls and set enemies alight. Or the Vigor Possession allows you to take over an enemy or turret and have them fire for you instead of against you.

While created in different dimensions and following the same design, the substances still give the wielder adverse side effects that really aren’t good at all. The Plasmids of Rapture tend to distort the mind of the host and drive them insane, while also disfiguring the face and body, the result is a horribly twisted and murderous human called a Splicer. The Vigors don’t have as much as a bad effect on the human body but prolonged abuse can lead to a distraught madness or even crystals growing out of the skin.


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