Research Phase 1: Cosmicism

Cosmicism is the Literary Philosophy created by H.P. Lovecraft that states there is no recognisable presence in the universe such as God, and that humanity is insignificant and is nothing compared to the vastness of the Universe. This was written with Cosmic Entities such as Cthulhu in mind and goes along with the idea that we are barely more than an ant compared to any highly advanced and unimaginable horrors that exist out there.


The idea of Lovecraftian Cosmicism is particularly terrifying as in most of Lovecrafts stories the Great Old Ones have no concept of good and evil, right or wrong, they are completely amoral so they would have no feelings about crushing humanity if it got in their way. This often goes hand in hand with Nihilism, the philosophy that life is meaningless with no purpose or value.

Lovecraft described himself as neither a pessimist nor an optimist, but instead a scientific or cosmic “indifferentist”, he was also a strong anti-religious atheist and considered religion to be false.



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