Critical Evaluation

This final year I took myself completely out of my comfort zone by working alone. While I usually work well as part of a group on subjects like narrative or level and mechanics design, I was forced to code and build the game as well as do all the art for my game. This has […]

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Advertising and Merchandise

In order to advertise my game, I’ve been putting myself out there on social medias such as Instagram and twitter. I’m slowly gaining followers on Instagram and I’ve been researching into when the best times to post are (11am – 1pm, 7pm – 9pm). Having subjects such as Godot Engine, Space and Synthwave allow me […]

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Assets and Backgrounds

Backgrounds For each level I came up with an interesting setting that would provide plenty of challenges in it’s environment. Those settings were an asteroid field, a ship graveyard and a factory. These eventually evolved into Retrograde, an asteroid belt orbiting a planet, Boneyard, the aftermath of a great space battle and Forge, a long […]

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Typefaces and Titles

My research into Retrowave turned up some interesting title images that I wanted to replicate in my own style. They generally have bright colours and thick text followed more text that looks hand painted. I found a website that essentially Retrowavifies text of your choosing, you can choose the background and text style too. I […]

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Heartbeast Tutorials

Godot – Platform Game Tutorial 1 To be very clear, I did not make this tutorial and all credit for it goes to Heartbeast. The first tutorial focus’s on the simple movement of a sprite on screen. The players character is created by using a KinematicBody node with a Sprite and a CollisionShape2D. A KinematicBody2D […]

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Create Phase 2: Prototype Build

Prototype Build I attempted to build a small prototype just to get myself started on it and prove that I can do at least some coding and building. My class mates and tutors will know that i’m not very good at coding so patience is required. So far I’ve added a few placeholders for sprites […]

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Create Phase 2: Gameplay

Gameplay This post will include my workings out on how I will make my game an enjoyable experience. Fun My game entails 2 players flying space ships around a 2D environment and battling it out to the death, their only tools are the tether between their two ships and the various hazards all around them. […]

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Gameplay Research: Competition

Gameplay Research I will be looking into what makes people competitive and what makes competition fun in order to make my game gripping and fun. Definition (Cambridge Dictionary) A situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else. An organised event in which people try to win a prize by being the best, fastest, etc. An activity done by a number of people or organisations, each of which is trying to do better than all of the others. Competition is also […]

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Game Project Document V2

Practice based Research Game Project Document V2 Thomas Endersby Project Name: Elateth Abstract: So far in this project I have researched the subjects of Cosmic Mega-structures, Cosmic Entities, Genetic Alteration and Cosmicism, due to the nature of all these subjects my future research will mostly be Sci-fi related. I liked the idea of Cosmic Mega-structures […]

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